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Jimo Hexi Standard Component Material Factory is a professional metal forming manufacturer that mainly manufactures metal stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, drawn parts, metal weldments, enamels, etc. We have been offering chain supermarket and foreign trade companies supporting service for years, and our products are widely used in home appliances, household appliances, daily necessities, communication, farms, rail transit, auto parts, electric equipment, etc. The company has a very high popularity in stamping, stretching, welding and product processing industry. The company is located in the beautiful coastal city Qingd.... 【MORE+】

Qingdao Heng Jia Yi Metal Products Co., Ltd.        Mobile:13376423216
Tel:86-0532-8850 7618                        Fax:86-0532-8856 6078
Email:info@rigging.net.cn                  Web:http://www.rigging.net.cn/
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